May 30, 2009

Just another wall

I love to find such little gems quietly hiding all around me, just waiting to be discovered... This interesting composition decorated one of the walls of the courtyard behind a pub, where we halted for a drink after a busy shooting day. And there it was!

The late afternoon sun puts the vivid painted wall to fire. The clogs in the weathered wooden crate offer a festival of hues and textures. The bucket below, the long bolt holding it up through a crack in the crate and the strange arrangement of twigs on the side (still no idea what these were about, if anything?) complete the scene.

I must have taken over 10 shots, varying angles and framing, but only this one recorded in full what I saw. Diagonals, attraction points, lines leading the eye... all classic rules of composition seem to be condensed into a single example.

And the beer was tasty and refreshing as well!

Gear notes: D200, 18-200VR

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