May 28, 2009

Sign of the times

A fairly simple shot this time. I noticed these typical Parisian lanterns close to the Notre Dame cathedral. I was immediately struck by the contrast between the old (style) lanterns and the busy collection of stickers and graffiti covering the contemporary road sign. Another example of 'cohabitation'!

The composition works well due to the two crossing diagonal patterns. The set of lanterns and the sign both come close to intersections of 'rule of thirds' lines. The classical building below gives the frame some stability and anchors the scene in the its surroundings. The few branches left also add to the context.

Not much post-processing: a slight brightness and vibrance boost to make the blue spring sky stand out even more, and another touch to eliminate the visible corner vignetting produced by my trusty 28-200mm zoom lens. That 'old' Nikkor from the analog days currently enjoys a second life as a walkaround lens on my full-frame digital body.

Gear notes: D700, 28-200G

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