Jun 26, 2009

Shoot more!

Do you know that nagging feeling of frustration each time you realize you have let an occasion to go out and shoot slip by? Yeah, blame a busy work schedule, family obligations, unfavorable weather conditions... Let's be frank: sometimes we're just simply too lazy!

One way I keep myself more 'active' is to join fellow photo freaks on a 'shooting day' as often as I can. The folks at belgiumdigital.com are great in setting up such group events. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of the organizing volunteers, these trips are always interesting, inspiring and above all... fun!

We love to make fun at each other (the Nikon/Canon/etc. games, you know...). But we also swap lenses, help each other exploring new techniques, challenge each other to come back with unique and creative shots. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you lug around a big DSLR with heavy pro glass or a modest bridge or compact camera. It all comes down to the eye and the mind of the person behind the sensor! So I keep being amazed by the wide variety and often originality of the pictures we share afterwards - even though we all passed by the same spots and sights.

Oh, and did I ever mention before that I sooo like the combination of black&white and urban settings?

Keep shooting, keep sharing, and keep having fun at both!

Gear notes: D700, 28-200G

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