Jul 4, 2009

Art in a box

Talking about art and exhibitions, let me share another story with you.

Back in August 2007, I had a chance to visit the ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark. This is one of the largest art museums in northern Europe: its 10 floors offer a total of 17,000 m² exhibition space. It houses a broad collection of paintings, sculptures and installations, art videos, drawings, photos and graphics.

The interior architecture of the building is quite spectacular, and to capture its visual impact on the visitors is a real challenge. That's when my fish-eye lens got out of the bag once again: the more-than-wide angle of view and creative distortion offer a good match for the spectacular design. Just compare the picture on the left, shot at a 'regular' 18mm (27mm equivalent on full-frame), with the fish-eye image on the right.

That fish-eye lens also allowed me to capture the imposing presence by some of the museum's monumental art, here for example Ron Mueck's gigantic Boy now owned by ARoS.

And sometimes architecture becomes art all by itself... This detail from the museum's curved galleries was captured by my wife, using a simple compact, no more...

Gear notes: D200, 18-200VR, 10.5/2.8; Lumix TZ1

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