Jul 16, 2009

Closed for business

The first time I came by this desolate scene in a Brussels suburb, I did not have a camera with me... So when I knew I would be passing nearby a good week later, I came fully equipped and planned for the extra time.

Don't ask me exactly what it is that 'does' it for me with this image. The textures (concrete, asphalt, metal, various types of stone...), the weeds, the spray-painted graphics: they all contribute in some way by adding their own bit to the overall story.

Looking at this 'installation' face-on presents an intriguing but not really interesting picture, as seen above (I slightly desaturated the colors to add to the dullness).

So I went looking for a better angle and perspective. That day the sky was overcast and dull: good soft lighting, but nothing fancy happening 'up there'. That's what led me to experiment with HDR (in this case: detail enhancement starting from a single RAW image).

Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to make visible what you see (or feel) from the beginning!

Gear notes: D300, 18-200VR

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