Jul 23, 2009

Loose ends

Dendermonde (D200, 12-24/4)

It took me a good while to realize, but I seem to have a thing for old, worn or broken electrical 'stuff'... Whenever I run into such a piece of equipment or circuitry during a shooting session, I simply cannot go on until I have grabbed a few frames.

Paris (D700, 28-200G)

I may spot them outside, indoors, on a wall or stuck onto whatever: I seem to notice them well before anyone else does. Sometimes, they are plainly visible in the open. At other times, they hide in the shadows or behind some other object and don't seem so easy to spot. What is it then that attracts me to these contraptions?

Gent (D700, 17-35/2.8)

For sure, it's not my training as an electronic engineer... More likely, there must be some visual qualities that make them look interesting - at least to the photographer's eye. Often, the textures of weathered or rusty devices are the first to get my attention, or the colors and how they contrast with each other: device against background, one material against another. Many times it is the pure geometry of conducts, wires and shapes that does it for me.

Dendermonde (D200, 18-200VR)

Remnants of older electrical installations are most likely to show such visually interesting characteristics. More recent gadgets tell a different story: you start wondering what may have happened, why the device was put out of use, half dismantled, left abandoned to the elements.

Brussels (D700, 24-70/2.8)

I guess that touches exactly on the core of photography: seeing what is there, dreaming of what could have been, and trying to capture and convey that imagination through a picture.

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Sab said...

Hi René,

I absolutely agree, if 'agree' is the right word to use with a strange feeling you have inside you - it's not as though we have 'agreed' to have this mutual feeling about strange utilitarian devices!

I'm particularly into old drain covers, electical devices like you, and indeed anything rusting, peeling and generally in a pretty poor state of repair. It seems to say more than pristine installations!

All the best, Sab