Aug 6, 2009

Life along the street: China

My professional activities have brought me plenty of opportunities to visit various parts of the world. Of course, that mostly means airports, taxis, business hotels, restaurants and conference centers. But once in a while I managed to free up some time or add an extra day to step beyond the business traveler or tourist facades. And that's when you get to savor some of the 'real life' over there.

The pictures here come from a combined conference/business tour trip to China in 2005. All were shot in a hurry, going (or in this case, being hurdled) from one place to another, in between meetings or tour stops. Street scenes like these are a good way to capture and convey some of the local feel and flavor. They are stolen moments, frozen bits of what you experience on the spot.

The first one was shot in the back streets of Shanghai, a narrow alley taking us from a hidden bus parking to a restaurant near the Yu Yuan Gardens. Just a mother spoon-feeding her child in a makeshift crib...

This entrepreneur was waiting for us at the Great Wall entrance at Mutianyu, northeast of Beijing. All you can drink and crunch on a tiny table! Can you recognize some of the brands, from how we know them in the West?

Finally, an 'outdoor catering manager' from Beijing's Wangfujing district. These sidewalk stalls offering a wide variety of local... well, specialties are very popular with the younger evening crowd. If you really want to know what they serve, check this photo album.

You will have to admit: there's not much difference in how we all try to earn a living anywhere in the world...!

Gear notes: D70, 18-70DX, 28-200G, 35/2.0

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