Sep 17, 2009

Cast in stone

We were - and probably still are - a people of builders. We like a solid piece of stone to make an equally solid statement. That is why our urban landscapes are filled with all kinds of constructions and decorations, long-lasting testimonials of our opinions and convictions. So as a photographer you don't really need much more than a keen eye to see plenty of examples. They sit patiently for you to capture the grandness of their existence and the detail of their grain.

Things in stone are about power and devotion, about noble masters and humble servants, absolute dictate and hesitant submission. In the large, they reflect the importance of their sponsors and the gravity of their message. In the detail, they carry a touch of humanity and reflect the ingenuity of the mind. In either case people have labored long hours to shape what they wanted (or were told) to say to current and future generations.

For that piece of stone was not meant to be a fleeing image, a passing remark... It took time to express what took time to imagine.

How different from the splashes of pixels and strings of characters you are currently looking at...!

Gear notes: D700, 28-200G

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