Oct 6, 2009

Rain. Fall. Fifty.

There are no good excuses for resisting the urge to go out and shoot.

I push myself to free up some time to practice my photography. One way is to take advantage of any little 'in between' time gaps in an otherwise loaded schedule. So today I left about an hour early for a downtown meeting appointment and took along a small camera bag.

Afraid of the rain, you ask? I have become a fan of Op/Tech's Rainsleeve, a simple plastic cover keeping my (otherwise already well sealed) D700 away of major harm. It doesn't look great, but it works, it's cheap and I can easily buy a new one whenever I need.

Furthermore, I feel much inspired and strongly challenged by Bert Stephani's 50/50project. Bert currently captures impressions from his daily life using just a 50mm lens, and this during 50 consecutive days. I am not that ambitious, I will walk his path only from time to time. The 50mm focal length isn't even my preferred choice, I lean more towards either 35mm or 85mm. But for today, my 20-year old 50/1.8 would have to do - better not swapping lenses out in the drizzle.

And so I offer you these few shots from around Antwerp's City Theater. All taken within some 30 minutes and within a limited area.

When you dare to put your mind to it, no rain, wind or world can stop you from seeing the pictures that await you.

Gear notes: D700, 50/1.8

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