Dec 11, 2009

Prime Time: Out into the Fields

_DS75243wOn a recent Sunday afternoon, we took my parents out for lunch to their favorite countryside restaurant, close to where they live. As often when I go back to my native Flemish Ardennes, I pack a camera and some glass ‘just in case’. That Sunday however, the weather was not very promising: a biting wind, some occasional precipitation, and a grim sky for most of the day.
  _DS75257wOnce inside the restaurant, I noticed that the dining room had been redecorated. One of the walls now carries this painted faux clock. That sight immediately grabbed my attention, and I had the crop for the image in my mind right from the beginning. Even before dessert was served, I had to get up and take the shot!

By the time we left, the skies cleared a bit: a perfect moment for a parting shot into the setting sun. What a pity that our human presence is spoiling so many of nature’s gorgeous treasures!

Gear notes: D700, 35/2.8D, 85/1.8D

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