Jan 19, 2010

Still sturdy after all these years

Halfway through the 19th century it was decided to build a ring of fortresses around Antwerp, to resist a potential attack from France. The fort circle would consist of eight Brialmont forts (named after their architect) in a 18 km long circle from Wijnegem to Hoboken. These forts were built in the period 1859-1864.

Fort 8, located in Hoboken, just below southwest Antwerp, is one of the most beautiful of these fortifications. More than three years ago already, the company I then worked for held an event on that location. As part of the organizing team, I was able to sneak in early and spend a few hours capturing the desolate splendor of the site.

DS2_0937wDS2_0901w DS2_1007w

Some parts of the brick fort are quite well preserved, other areas clearly show the relentless impact of time. But all together they make for a true feast for the patient photographer!

DS2_1006w DS2_0913w DS2_0980w

I am determined to find out whether my former contact is still involved with Fort 8. I definitely would love to go back there, with better gear but most importantly more developed technique!

More pictures in this gallery.

Gear notes: D200, 17-55/2.8

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