Jan 16, 2010

Up high

When I learned that an upcoming business meeting was to take place on the 20th floor of the Antwerp Tower business center (the third highest building in the city), I could not resist to take along my camera bag and make sure I arrived well before the agreed upon time…

_DS75920w Not a great day to shoot panoramic views, though. The city was covered by a dense smog, partly perhaps because of the unusual snowy weather. The sun doesn’t move high this time of the year, and in addition turned out to come from the ‘wrong’ side of our meeting room. And although the meeting facilities itself were impeccable, the least you could say is that the windows are up for a good outside cleaning job…

The view on downtown Antwerp was rather spectacular anyway, more so than the above images suggest. Amazing what a chaotic patchwork results from the myriad of rooftops. And how you can find pretty abstract compositions in the middle of that maze.
Can you see what I was looking at?

Gear notes: D700, 24/2.8, 180/2.8D

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