Feb 25, 2010

Birds behind bars

A few simple pictures from a recent shooting day with the friends at Belgiumdigital. This time, we met at a small but well populated zoo in Balen-Olmen, in the north of Belgium. Our visit clearly came too early in the year to enjoy friendly weather conditions, so many of the animals were wisely held inside. Still, we just ignored the chill and went on for a couple of hours trotting through an almost deserted park.

These grey crowned cranes were quite approachable and did not seem to mind posing for the many shooters all around them.



We had a lot more work trying to shoot some birds of prey, struggling with adverse lighting conditions and fighting the mesh enclosures of their cages with long focal lengths and wide apertures… But who ever said we didn’t like a good challenge?


A place for sure to visit again when warmer air and sunny skies bring more of the residents out in the open!

Gear notes: D700, 70-200VR

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