Feb 3, 2010

On the Frisco trails

One more post from the archives, as life for the moment is very busy (and the weather rather unpleasant). That’s when memories and good souvenirs come handy, don’t they?

During an extended business trip in late summer 2004, I managed to carve out a full Saturday (!) to go on a day-long shooting hike, together with a colleague/friend/fellow photographer.

DSC_0916wWe woke up that morning with a splendid view on Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower, from the hotel room window.

DSC_0967wBy the time  we made it to the base of the tower, the fog just started to lift over the Bay. As it turned out that day, it would not completely disappear at all.

DSC_1079wMuch later in the day: an unusual view on Alcatraz, from one of the bars around Pier 39. I cannot imagine what made us end up there… Maybe an overdose of pixel dust?

DSC_1101wA true festival of color (and taste!): the fruit and vegetable stalls at the beginning of the Pier.

It so happens that all of the above pictures were shot with a Nikon 28-200G zoom, the first lens I added after starting digital photography ‘for real’ with a D70 and 18-70DX combo. It’s a compact, lightweight travel lens that gave me more ‘reach’, and also comes with excellent close-up capabilities. I have always liked to use this lens when going on the road. But as I collected more and better glass, it kinda moved into the back of the shelf.

The very same 28-200 now gets a second active life on my D700: originating from the 35mm film days, it covers full-frame FX and serves as a great walk-around lens that easily adds into any bag.

Gear notes: D70, 28-200G

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