Mar 1, 2010

Generations II

I have blogged before about my grandfather, who worked as a professional photographer from the mid 1920’s until his retirement in the 1960’s. Digging into the family archives has revealed some more pictures from these early days.

MPauwelswThis is my grandfather, proudly posing in front of his shop, in 1926. As you can see in the background, formal portraits made at all kinds of (family) occasions were big then.

shop_outside_1936wA typical showcase of ‘portfolio’ portraits and various products for sale, from around 1936.

shop_inside_1936w And this is how the shop looked from the inside, in the same period. This was the realm of my grandmother (at right), here assisting some customers that perhaps walked into the impromptu shooting session…

Just a few years later, my father would start his apprenticeship there. But that’s a story for another blog… (to be continued)

Gear notes: long forgotten

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Paris Set Me Free said...

Wow, those are great old photos from another era René. And in a few years OUR era will be another era and our children's children will be looking at us nostalgically - quite a scary thought, isn't it?