Mar 4, 2010

A horse with a name

When I take my usual walk along the fields in my neighborhood, I pass by this patch of land that is home to two fine horses. Most of the time they are just grazing, completely ignoring any passer-by. Once in a while they are more curious and will come to see what that funny creature behind the barbed wire is all about.

_DS76549w On a cold but sunny afternoon

Not long ago, when the fields were still covered by snow, I managed to get their attention long enough to shoot their portraits. My 180mm f/2.8 prime was just perfect for the job.

_DS76393w Micky kept a reasonable distance, as usual. An overcast sky and the snow blanket on the ground produced great soft lighting.

_DS76391wFreggle, always more intrigued by what’s happening, let me capture this great shot. No, I did not bring along a black backdrop, nor did I manipulate the picture in Photoshop.
Freggle gracefully posed right in the ‘doorway’ of their small shed.

_DS76554wFreggle, keeping a keen eye on the photographer

How do I know the horses’ names? Quite simple: that information is to be found on the side wall of the shelter. It also lists dates for a companion that – I guess - sadly is no longer around…


How often do you run into animals that come with EXIF data?

Gear notes: D700, 180/2.8, 28-200G

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