Apr 20, 2010


Some cities never go to sleep, and Hong Kong is definitely one of those. Behind the shiny lights and bright colors, a restless anthill just goes on and on. The beautiful cityscapes at night are but one more expression of the pulsing energy of this part of Asia.


These images were made during a business visit that had me in the city for just a few days. When being outside in the evening,
I took advantage of every opportunity to grab a shot, walking the streets or stepping onto a hotel balcony way up there. No tripod, just shooting handheld on the go.

DSC_5467w   DSC_5414w
My last visit to Hong Kong dates from 2005 already. I have no doubt that much has changed since. I wish I could go back there soon, not only to discover the city once again, but to find out what today’s sensors – like the one in my D700 – would allow me to capture differently.



Gear notes: D70, 35/2.0, 50/1.8, Sigma 12-24HSM

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