Apr 1, 2010

Piece of cake

You never know how far the marketing guys and girls are willing to push and make sure to grab your attention.

Today JOE fm, a commercial radio station, celebrated its first anniversary by serving probably the largest cake in the world. A team of bakers used no less than 23,000 eggs, 250 kilos flour, 65 kilos butter, 300 kilos sugar and lots of cream, chocolate mousse and cherries to prepare a giant treat. The birthday cake with a diameter of 11 meters was literally ‘installed’ overnight in the monumental hall of Antwerp’s Central Station. From 6am this morning, commuters and passerby's were offered a free piece.

Not knowing about the stunt, I stumbled upon this crazy scene around noontime, happy to have a compact camera in my coat pocket (never leave home without one!).


I cannot tell you whether the cake tasted well. I am not much of a sweets lover to begin, and the queuing lines seemed longer than the remaining time before my appointment would allow. Just to be completely honest: watching a couple of these bakers at work somewhat reduced my appetite…

Gear notes: Panasonic TZ1

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