May 6, 2010

Business class

All along the Belgian coast, you will find people enjoying the sun in a lazy beach chair. These are offered for rent at the more popular stretches, just like cabins that become yours for the day.

I hadn’t been anywhere near our national beach on sunny season days for quite a while (I strongly prefer walks along the empty shoreline on cooler, windy days) so the 21st century version of common ‘beach furniture’ took me by surprise…

Who would expect these sofas and armchairs on the sand, and coffee tables complete with a selection of (no doubt gossip) magazines near plastic palm trees? Did we become so spoiled on luxury that we are perfectly happy to get a sunburn as long as we can do it in style?

Fortunately, there’s still some of us that easily get by with the bare minimum…

Gear notes: D700, 24-70/2.8G, 180/2.8D

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