May 2, 2010

Goin’ for the fish

Going out to the coast for an afternoon of shooting with photo-buddies: can you think of a better destination to throw a fisheye lens into your camera bag?

I like – from time to time – to experiment with the special look at the world through a fisheye lens. When handled with care, these lenses may open unexpected pockets of creativity. But you have to keep trying for new angles, rather than just blowing things up. Let’s have a go at a few examples.

_DS77228_30wThis interior shot of the Saint Rochus church in Blankenberge comes from a 3-shot HDR sequence, partially de-fished (using PTLens as a Lightroom plug-in).

_DS77252wAn unconventional image from an otherwise bland and boring billboard. How to add diagonals to your image if there aren’t any…

_DS77256wA quiet corner in an equally quiet street. And just next to it, an artist’s work place for the day:


P.S. Yes, I know: there are no images from the sea or coastline here. I guess I got my taste of fish before I reached the water…

Gear notes: D700, 16/2.8D

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