Jun 17, 2010

Mild frustration

I know, it has been quiet on this blog for a while… Business has been, well, busy (thank you!) and other duties as well have claimed time and attention. So not much recent photography to enjoy and share.

The past few days took me, once again, to the East Coast of the United States, for a short stint of back-to-back meetings. No room for wandering around at nice locations, no opportunity to explore fresh sights. Just a look outside through the (dusty) hotel window in the evening and early morning hours.

See the faint skyline all the way back at the horizon? That‘s New York City, just across the Hudson river. One of the most inspiring areas to cover as a photographer, full with life, power and color. So nearby and yet so much out of reach with a busy agenda.

I could only stare at the Manhattan high-risers with no time to spare, no (good) gear at hand, and thus no chance to satisfy
my urge to turn impressions into pixels. Maybe better next time?

At least I had brought a small compact so I could throw in the above images to accompany my futile ramblings…

Gear notes: Panasonic TZ1

Click on the image(s) to see a larger version

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