Jul 16, 2010

Crown Palace

For most of us in the West, a visit to such an icon of mankind’s heritage is – at best - a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I consider myself very privileged for having had the opportunity to add my humble footsteps to the millions that walked the site before me.

We all have seen the typical pictures of the Taj Mahal over and over again. Yet nothing in print or video can prepare you for the richness and majesty of the intricate decorations. It’s just way beyond what you can image, much more overwhelming, simply so totally beautiful.

DS3_4962w DS3_4976w

I tried to leave out any of the to-be-expected shots here –because yes, of course, I too have captured these sights…
Although my Taj Mahal visit filled most of a warm and muggy day, I did not shoot all that many pictures: for once, I mostly used my eyes and my imagination.


Once in a lifetime? I will be packed in minutes if ever I ever were to get another chance!

Gear notes: D300, 18-200VR

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