Nov 23, 2010

Central Station revisited

Antwerp’s Central railway station is a well-known great source for photographic inspiration. It combines the lush grandeur of old times with modern architecture through renovations an additions. The result is a pleasing and above all functional environment for the countless travelers coming by every day.

This blog has taken you to the Central Station before. Just last weekend some 80 Belgiumdigital shooters were given access to some exclusive vantage points high above. A unique opportunity to discover and document the place from an unusual perspective!

_DS71108_13w_DS71298_1304w_DS71192wThree views from the majestic grand hall.

_DS71147_51w_DS71166w From high above the platforms

To be continued!

Gear notes: D700, 24-120/4 VR, 16/2,8

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