Dec 6, 2010

A long and beautiful day

t Was a mighty cold day on the streets, but a heartwarming one in our Help-Portrait studios in Herentals!

Great hosts from the CAW Kempen, a wonderful MUA team, and a lot of hard-working, inspired and at times crazy photographers were ‘open for business’ for a whole Saturday, taking pictures of people that for once got to take their rightful place under our spotlights. All pictures shot remain solely for the eyes of the models-for-a-day, so I cannot share these many images of joy, excitement and gratitude.

Heavy snowfall and icy winds made it hard at times for our guests to make it to our shooting are. The resulting less busy moments of the day were quickly turned into opportunities to serve as each other’s models, demonstrate lighting setups, discuss composition or share post-processing tips. So here comes a small selection of portraits I shot from fellow H-P photographers:

_DS71555w-2Robbie came all the way from Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands 

_DS71714wLander discovered new ways to use gaffer tape 

_DS71700w Michel posed for a Dutch school painting…

_DS71709w…but then accidently looked into the book! 

And, to end in beauty, one of the hosting CAW’s staff members:


All in all a fun-filled and most rewarding day, more than worth our effort (and the slow and slippery trek back home). I can’t wait to spend more good times with this bunch of fantastic friends!

Gear notes: D700, 24-70/2.8G, 85/1.8D

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Robbie Veldwijk said...

Die foto met het boek is echt geworden wat ik er van had verwacht! Het effect van dat blauwe licht geeft het net het puntje op de i! Vond het leuk om kennis te maken, contact houden zo hier en daar lijkt mij ook leuk!

Via twitter heb ik je een DM gestuurd, als je nog wat foto's hebt waar ik ook bij opsta zou ik ze graag van je ontvangen :-)