Mar 28, 2011


More than a month without new posts on this blog, I feel quite embarrassed… It’s just that I haven’t been shooting much (that I could share) over these few weeks, but that should change for the better soon.

So now for something completely different!

The popularity of the iPhone as a camera-to-go has caused a flood of tiny apps that do ‘creative’ things to your quick shots. I wouldn’t call the end results great photography, but at least these apps quickly provide a fresh look on otherwise uninspiring pictures… We all (should) know about the more famous tools: Hipstamatic, Plastic Bullet, 100Cameras and the likes. I ran into a few other equally fun ones.

Released very recently, Tiny Planet Photos warps your images into small stereographic projections. I actually moved some older archive shots to my iPhone first to run them through this free App.

IMG_0193w IMG_0188w

No doubt inspired by this App-wave, we’ve seen the first desktop utilities to make similar creative edits to pictures. One that you too may like very much is Lo-Fi. A more than funky user interface alone makes it worth looking at that one.

_DS72918_22wLFw-2 DSC_8574_77wLFw
No fresh pixels to play around with? Get your creative juices flowing and have some fun with your image libraries!

(Note: I did apply some minor Lightroom tweaking afterwards, for instance to crop, adjust levels or add a white vignette effect).

Gear notes: various smoke & mirrors

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