May 25, 2011

The eagle has landed

Finally, the long period of waiting and longing is over… Yesterday I picked up my new pre-ordered Fujifilm FinePix X100 camera.

I was very lucky to get one of the five (1) cameras from the first batch delivered to my dealer. My order even came in complete with the lens hood and leather case.

Ever since its first public showing (still in prototype form) at Photokina in late 2010, the X100 has been constantly buzzed, hyped and trashed on internet forums and in photo magazines - all that with hardly any real units in the hands of paying photo enthusiasts… On top of the high initial demand, Fuji’s plant assembling the X100 lies only 20 miles from the city of Sendai, and sadly suffered significant damage from the earthquake and tsunami on March 11. In light of this tragedy and the subsequent disruption of Japanese supply chains, it is no less than an amazing achievement for Fuji to catch up with the delays and start seeding cameras step-by-step across the world.


I got hooked on the X100 as soon as I saw one in Cologne, and even more after I could handle (but not shoot with) it on a trade show in February. My pre-order went in the day after…

This camera will remain at my side wherever I go, whatever I am up to, during the next few weeks (at least). You will read about my expectations, experiences and findings in this blog. And of course follow my renewed discovery of the pleasure of ‘straight shooting’ through lots of pictures! 

Gear notes: Fuji X100

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Anonymous said...

Hallo René,

Toevallig via x100forum hier terecht gekomen op uw blog. En na enkele foto's bekeken te hebben viel mijn €!
:-) Ik ben dus ook van Antwerpen (buurt: Expo) en heb sinds gisteren een X100 in mijn bezit. Heb hem nog niet gebruikt maar dat zal dit weekend wel veranderen.
Zeer mooie foto's trouwens! heb de X100 eigenlijk gekocht voor city-trips etc. Want eigenlijk is mijn topic natuur fotografie

Allezins is uw blog nu bookmarked...

Succes nog!


René Delbar said...

Dag Dirk, bedankt voor je commentaar!

Ik ben benieuwd naar je bevindingen met de X100, ik beleef er alleszins enorm veel plezier mee! Net nog een uitgebreide review afgewerkt voor het septembernummer van Shoot.