May 3, 2011

Straight up

Whenever I visit a building – especially historic places with a grandiose architecture or abundant decoration – I will make sure to have a good look upwards. More often than not that will result in pictures of domes, ceilings and other ornaments.

Some friends that regularly accompany me on photo explorations by now have quite a collection of shots showing me lying flat on my back, camera pointed all the way up.

Egmontpaleis - AmbassadeurstrapBrussels, Egmont Palace

_DS71298_1304wAntwerp, Central Station

_DS72809_15w Turnhout, Church of the Beguinage

_DS73398w Sint-Truiden, Abbey, Emperor’s Hall

_DS73660_68EBwBrussels, Church of Notre Dame du Sablon

A wide angle lens of course is the default glass choice, and many times my fisheye will end up on camera. Sometimes I will use the distorted picture ‘as is’, other times I will de-fish (using PTLens, or more recently through Lightroom’s built-in lens correction). All depends on the original lines and curves of the construction.

Equally often, I will take a few bracketed shots and combine them with Photomatix Pro’s Exposure Fusion feature, to deal with the extreme dynamic range (sunlit windows through deep shadows).

Gear notes: D700, 16/2.8D, 24/2.8, 17-35/2.8D

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