Jun 28, 2011

100X100 – episode 6

Just a few more random impressions with the Fuji X100 from my recent visit to Antwerp’s Central Station.






Later this week, the X100 will go on a short city trip: stay tuned for more images to come!

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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Welcome… and who are you?

Since I started blogging about the Fuji X100, many more people seem to have found their way to this humble blog. And, to my surprise and excitement, you come visit from all over the world!

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Welcome to all, glad you took the time to stop by! I hope you will find some inspiration or useful information here, or just spend a few pleasant moments. And perhaps come again later…?

If you like, feel free to leave some words about who you are and what you do with your photography in the comments section. Or maybe leave a question or suggestion. The web is all about interaction, is it not?

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Jun 24, 2011

100X100 – episode 5

Following a meeting in downtown Antwerp, I decided to take the X100 out the the Central Station. Always a place for inspiration, always a challenge from the wide variety of lighting conditions.






I am seriously impressed by how well the X100 handles metering and exposure in a broad range of situations. Add to that the richness of the RAW files that give you plenty of options for creative post-processing.

Did I mention that I like this gem more and more?

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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Jun 20, 2011

100X100 – episode 4

The X100 has been busy these past days, shooting at a private party and a business function. None of these images however are available for publication. So let’s dig further into earlier catches.

How good is the X100 up close? The ca. 70cm minimum focusing distance when using the optical viewfinder is often misunderstood as a lack of close-up capabilities. Just switch to the electronic viewfinder and you will get a lot closer, and even more when you enable the macro setting.

First two close-ups, shot handheld at ISO 800:

DSCF0206w DSCF0213w

Two more handheld at ISO 1250:


And finally another handheld, in macro mode, at ISO 800:


The X100 will likely not become my go-to camera for ‘serious’ close-up and macro work: a D700 with a dedicated macro lens is hard to beat. But it looks like I will not have to shrug away from moving close up when it’s just the X100 around.

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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Jun 11, 2011

100X100 – episode 3

What better choice for black&white street photography than a retro styled, discreet and compact camera with a fast 2.0 lens and excellent high ISO image quality?

Here’s a few more examples from my recent evening stroll in downtown Antwerp.

DSCF0207Ew DSCF0211Ew DSCF0222Ew DSCF0227Ew DSCF0247Ew

All shots were captured in RAW at ISO 800, converted using Lightroom 3.4 and Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

The X100 delivers color JPEGs pretty much to my likings, and there’s surely room for further improvement from the extensive fine-tuning options available. I am less satisfied with the snap and contrast of out-of-camera B&W files: I will have to experiment more with ‘stronger’ settings for the processing parameters.

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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Jun 9, 2011

100X100 – episode 2

The Fujifilm X100 promises to be a great street photography tool. It also does very well in low light situations, due to its optical/ electronic viewfinder combo an excellent high ISO performance. All the reasons to take mine out to the streets of Antwerp on a damp and misty night…
DSCF0241w DSCF0245w DSCF0249w DSCF0240w

All images shot in RAW at ISO 800, JPEGs from Lightroom 3.4.1.

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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Jun 6, 2011

100X100 – episode 1

I have started the process of discovering the wow’s and ouch’es of my new compact sidekick. For now, it’s mostly an exploration of how the camera behaves (at its ‘standard’ settings) and how I can tweak the out-of-camera results to my taste.

I plan to share this journey with you, posting chunks of random shots from the X100 until there’s 100 of them. Along the way, you will learn about my experiences and conclusions.

All of the following sights of Antwerp are out-of-camera JPEG images, shot handheld at ISO 200 through 800, resized in Lightroom 3.4.1 with no or only minimal ‘Basic’ adjustments.

DSCF0149wDSCF0164w DSCF0162w  DSCF0175w DSCF0190w

I am already amazed by the quality of the JPEG files this camera delivers. Excellent capture of dynamic range, good handling of mixed light sources, very low noise levels… And that little 23mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.0 lens is simply stunning!

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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