Jun 20, 2011

100X100 – episode 4

The X100 has been busy these past days, shooting at a private party and a business function. None of these images however are available for publication. So let’s dig further into earlier catches.

How good is the X100 up close? The ca. 70cm minimum focusing distance when using the optical viewfinder is often misunderstood as a lack of close-up capabilities. Just switch to the electronic viewfinder and you will get a lot closer, and even more when you enable the macro setting.

First two close-ups, shot handheld at ISO 800:

DSCF0206w DSCF0213w

Two more handheld at ISO 1250:


And finally another handheld, in macro mode, at ISO 800:


The X100 will likely not become my go-to camera for ‘serious’ close-up and macro work: a D700 with a dedicated macro lens is hard to beat. But it looks like I will not have to shrug away from moving close up when it’s just the X100 around.

Gear notes: Fujifilm X100

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Eddie said...

Hello Rene,

I like your Blog and Pictures, you have captured some great photos.
I am still shooting jpeg and will try raw this week I have also just purchased Lightroom and will test my skills.

Eddie......... australia

René Delbar said...

Thanks for visiting the blog, Eddie. Lightroom may take you some time to get acquainted, but you will surely enjoy its productivity!