Nov 7, 2011

Long time no see…

I have been suspiciously absent from this blog for a while. Not one specific reason for the silence, rather a multitude of them!


First and foremost, I was totally engulfed in the by now annual digital photo enthusiasts event organized by Belgiumdigital, the leading Dutch language photography forum. This year we opted for a smaller scale but more interactive BelgiumdigitalLite version.


Again, the organizing team prepared for a full day packed with workshops, photo opportunities, software demos, all kinds of equipment on display, and a series of fully loaded studio setups –complete with models - for all to go wild.

BDLite collage

Besides that event, I got plenty of opportunity to shoot but mostly on projects that do not allow me to share the pictures…

That’s behind me now, and I am looking forward to post again on a more regular basis.

Gear notes: D700, X100, and various kit through friends

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