Jan 19, 2013

Good to see you back!

I know, it’s been too long… I will not even attempt to make come up with an explanation.

Just too much other stuff on the burner.

Not that my photography did come to a standstill, though. Riding the waves of the Photokina announcements, there were a few gems added to Fujifilm’s X-line, to my great excitement. You know that I have fully embraced the X-series cameras, X100 first, X-Pro1 later as well as the excellent Fujinon XF lenses. Over the last two months, they were joined by an X-E1, the 17-55 zoom, a Samyang 8mm fish-eye and –as of today – Fuji’s latest: the XF 14mm f/2.8.

I now pick up those tools almost exclusively for most shoots. As Fuji and others build towards a complete “X-system”, exceptions get rare. My full frame Nikon D700 and its great but heavy f/2.8 zooms only see some action for very specific projects. My Nikon DX gear is sadly collecting dust and goes up for sale, a few FX travel/prosumer zooms as well.

No, it is not all about the equipment! But since I picked up the X100 and helplessly fell for it, I am enjoying my photography more than ever. A more deliberate shooting style, greater challenges calling for better preparation… these are only a few of the elements that contributed to a kind of creative revival and boost.

The good news about having stopped blogging for a while is that there is now a backlog of images to share (and alas, also still a bunch to process). So stay tuned!

Gear notes: all images in the collage shot with X100, X-Pro1 or X-E1

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